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Alewings smoke electronic switch SRC


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Alewings smoke electronic switch SRC

The SRC SMOKE is an electronic switch controlled by receiver specific for the activation during the flight of smoke cartridge. You have to connect it to a free channel of the receiver generally controlled by a two position switch

It has a fail safe circuit for avoiding accidental starting of the smokes.

If you want to activate different smokes during the same flight, you have to use many SRC SMOKE (maximum 4) all connected to the same channel. Choosing and setting an identification number for each device, you will define the starting sequence desired (you have to activate every single SRC SMOKE with a movement of the transmitter switch).

If you don't have a smoke cartridge with included electric ignition, you have to use the external ignition RAF (code 90050401). In this case a dedicated 2s 500mAh Li.Poli battery is recommended.

It is provided with UNI connector to receiver and BEC connector to battery

Technical Details:

- Operating voltage: 5.2V - 8.4V

- Current drain: 10mA

- Up to 4 ignitions possible with a corresponding number of devices

- Fail Safe for lost or not good signal

- Fail Safe for avoiding smoke starting when turning receiver On

- Dimensions: 34x17x13mm

- Weight: 8gr