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Alewings MAC828 adjust


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Alewings MAC828 adjust

MAC828 is a completely programmable power supply unit managing the on board radio system. It handles in input double battery packs Io.Li Li.Poli of 2 cells and 8 channels from receiver. It is equipped with a double electronic switch managed by a button and an external panel with a double charge indicator keeping memory of the lowest battery voltage. The real batteries voltage is readable on the display supplied. The voltage supply of servos is stabilized and programmable at 5,2V - 6,1V - 8,0V for a maximum of 36A. The receiver voltage is stabilized at 5V 1,5A. MAC828 is equipped with active filters and protections against short circuits on each of the 28 servo outputs. It features 6 channels with 4 outputs and 2 channels with 2 outputs. All servos are programmable: for each you can set rotation, central position and end points. You can choose the speed frequency for analogic or digital servos.

Technical Details:

- 8 channels and 28 completely programmable servos

- Programming servo central position, end points and direction

- Adjustment range 25°

- You can choose the speed frequency for analogic or digital servos

- Dimensions: 130x69x27mm

- Weight 180gr