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Jeti Duplex DC-16

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Jeti Duplex DC-16

The new transmitters DC-16 and DS-16 are developed in cooperation with professional pilots and World Champions. They were developed with the aim of maximum user-friendliness, and ease of use, maximum life and reliability of mechanical, electrical and electronic components were the focus. The milled from solid metal housing provides maximum protection of the interior life and the surface against mechanical risks, chemicals, simple shapes are also very easy to maintain. The multiple ball bearings and high-precision stick units made of metal can recognize the revolutionary approach of construction. Non-contact and wear-free magnetic Hall sensors allow a resolution of 4096 steps and guarantee reliable, maintenance-free long-term operation. The backlit LCD display is arranged in accordance with ergonomic principles and provides excellent readability at each and every angle of illumination. The high print resolution of the display allows the use of graphs, thus a simple and intuitive programming and operation could be realized.

All available telemetry data is displayed in a freely selectable desire arrangement on the display, issued warnings and alarms audibly and stored if needed for subsequent processing and analysis.

Can be used acoustic issues (language) not only in compounds with telemetry data, but also to signal status data of the transmitter and controls, such as active phases of flight, switch positions or other features.

Scope of delivery:

  • Transmitter DC-16 mode 2/4, fully equipped with all switches and proportional donors
  • Aluminum transmitter case
  • AC adapter for charging the transmitter
  • USB Cable
  • Key Set
  • Display cleaning cloth, microfiber
  • Manual


Software version / update:

The transmitter is always delivered in the current software version, if necessary, are any updates / update files on the manufacturer's website http://www.jetimodel.de available.